De Bry, Theodor. Brevis narratio eorum quae in Florida Americae provicia Gallis acciderunt… First Edition. Frankfurt: T. de Bry, 1591.

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This seminal work of early North America is one of the most detailed accounts of Florida in the 16th century. Theodor de Bry describes the attempted settlement of Florida by French Protestants in the 1560s. The French watercolor painter Jacques Le Moyne (1533-1588?) depicts the life and ceremonies of Florida Indians in a series of 42 engravings. These greatly detailed illustrations record the scenery of Florida and the lives of the Timucua Indians, which became iconographic representations of the New World. This copy also includes a folded engraved Florida map by Le Moyne rarely found with the volume, published by Theodor de Bry in 1591 as part II of his Grand Voyages.

From the Helen Carmichael Purdy Foundation.

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