Vidal, Emeric Essex. Picturesque illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, consisting of twenty-four views… London: R. Ackermann, 1820.

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E. E. Vidal spent three years in Buenos Aires during the expulsion of the Spanish Viceroy and the period of civil wars, and returned to England with a sketchbook of local scenery, which he published through Ackerman with descriptions of the various places. His illustrations, engraved in aquatint, depict the transformation of Buenos Aires to a New World metropolis.

The church of San Domingo is famous for Gen. Craufurd’s surrender to the Buenos Aires military as the British unsuccessfully attempted to occupy the Spanish city on July 5th, 1807. The illustration also displays two women shaking hands, which was the manner of salutation between women in public places. Women generally wore light silk, fine cotton, and a silk headdress called “mantilla.”

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