Study for the Head of Diana, c. 1896.

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Augustus Saint Gaudens (American, 1848-1907)

Bronze, approx 9.6 x 6.5 in. Gift of Mrs. Homer Saint Gaudens, 1962.

The full-body Diana statue, a study of which is displayed here, stood on architect Stanford White’s Madison Square Garden tower as a weathervane in New York. The Diana portrays a fusion of classical and modern styles that has been described as “sedate poetry” by art historian, Chandler Rathfon Post. Augustus Saint Gaudens was an influential sculptor of the Gilded Age who was called the “American Michelangelo” for his depictions of ideal beauty in bronze and marble. Saint Gaudens’s most notable masterpieces feature Civil War monuments, such as the Shaw Memorial, Sherman Monument, and “Standing Lincoln.”

The St. Gaudens Road in Coconut Grove, where his widowed wife Augusta resided, serves to commemorate his connection to South Florida. Mrs. Homer Saint Gaudens presented the Unviersity of Miami Libraries with two other Saint Gaudens reductions, including a bronze bas-relief of Robert Louis Stevenson and the Amor Caritas.