What We Do

  • Website Development: We create and maintain websites for the UM Libraries.
  • Software Development: We develop custom applications when there is no existing, affordable software to fill the need.
  • Customization: We make third-party software look and work the way the UM Libraries want.
  • Server Maintenance: We manage many of our properties in the Azure cloud, and do the attendant DevOps work.
  • R & D: We explore software and ideas within WAD and with our colleagues around the Libraries.
  • User Experience: We lead and evangelize usability testing in the Libraries.
  • Web Assessment: We collect web statistics, and are looking at better ways of sharing this information.
  • Training: We provide one-on-one or group training to UM Library staff for applications built or managed by our team.
  • Security: We strive to adhere to security best practices.

Open Source

We like to share our code. We are the primary developers for SubjectsPlus, wrote most of the Remixing Archival Metadata Project (RAMP) codebase, and when possible post working code on GitHub.

Who We Are