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Welcome to Data Services at the University of Miami Libraries. We support anything related to data, including training, consultations, and data publishing services.

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Dr. Cameron Riopelle Cameron Riopelle
Head, Data Services
Abraham Parrish Abraham Parrish
GIS Librarian
Dr. Jorge Quintela Jorge Quintela
GIS / Data Specialist
Dr. Timothy Norris Timothy Norris
Data Scientist
Thilani Samarakoon Thilani Samarakoon
Biomedical Data Librarian
Jason Cohen Jason Cohen
Digital Publishing Specialist

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We provide free consultative and instructional assistance with data throughout the research lifecycle to UM-affiliated patrons.

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The Data Services department of the University of Miami Libraries promotes data literacy on all campuses through education, consultation, and curation. We provide equitable expert advice on the components of the research process (discover, planning, collection, preparation, analysis, publication, and long-term management).

Research Data Lifecycle

Multiple Workshops Available | Summer 2020

This series of seminars and workshops is designed for students who will be undertaking research in any discipline.

Data Services at the University of Miami Libraries

Locations: Our services are offered on all three campuses, partnered in collaboration with the Richter Library Learning Commons, the Calder Medical Library, and the RSMAS Library.

  • 20 Hours a week of office hours in the Digital Scholars' Lab.
  • Tuesday afternoons at the Calder Medical Library.
  • Thursday afternoons at the RSMAS Library.
  • Consultations by appointment with relevant staff member.