Remote Labs

The Remote Labs service  is an experimental service that provides students who are working off campus with the capability to connect to a physical computer on campus and access all the software they are used to have in the computer lab. Please note that this service is experimental, and as such, there may be downtimes and intermittent connectivity interruptions.

Remote Labs can be used to access any software packages that are only available on UM public computers.

How to Connect

Choose the location and then click on the connect button to connect to the next available computer. Depending on your browser, a window may pop up. If not, locate the downloaded file and run it.  Use your CaneID credentials to sign in.

Mac Users: Before connecting, you must have the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac client installed on your system.  If you do not have the application, please download and install the client from the Apple Store.

Screenshots of the process

Step 1 (Mac Only): Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac Client (see above)

Step 2 (Mac Only): Install Client from Mac App Store

Step 3 (Mac and PC): Click “Connect” Link for Desired Location

Open with “Microsoft Remote Desktop”

Step 4 (Mac and PC): Enter CName and Password

Step 5 (Mac and PC): Click Continue

Step 6 (Mac and PC): Click Ok

Step 7 (Mac and PC): Authenticate with Duo and You’re in!

* Note that the first time you install the software, you might need to wait a few minutes for the remote desktop to load.


Need Help?

For help, please email: Student Technology Help Desk

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