Facts & Figures

The UM Libraries have consistently ranked within the top 50 ARL libraries (Association of Research Libraries). Established in 1925, the University of Miami Libraries is the youngest member of the top 50 North American research libraries at private universities and is the second youngest member among all top 50 institutions in general.

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Collections and usage highlights

  • 4MVolumes held
  • 1.2MElectronic books
  • 122KElectronic journals
  • 300Languages in collections


4,002,348 Volumes held
3,420,197 Titles held
1,226,409 Electronic books
123,652 Active serials titles
122,530 Electronic journals
16,050 Institutional Repositories Content
204,016 Audio, film, video, and cartographic materials
1,409,083 Digital collections of images and document pages
~300 Languages reported in UML Collections
  • 2.1MDatabase searches
  • 95KPhysical items borrowed
  • 679KE-book downloads
  • 2MJournal downloads

Collection Usage

95,078 Physical items borrowed (excluding reserves)
717,645 Digital circulation (e-book & e-media titles usage)
679,694 E-books chapter downloads (BR2 reports)
1,916,677 Journal article downloads
598,562 Institutional repository usage
438,862 Digital Collections & e-Resources views (website pageviews of UM Digital Collections)
16,317 Items loaned to other libraries through Interlibrary Loan Services
6,404 Items borrowed for students, faculty and staff through Interlibrary Loan Services
~10,000 Online Research Guides with about pageviews

Library Services

  • 23KReference questions answered
  • 797Sessions & workshops
  • 18KParticipants in sessions & workshops

Library Services

23,118 Reference questions answered
797 Annual instructional sessions and workshops delivered to UM students, faculty, or staff
18,051 Participants in instructional sessions and workshop
  • 103Professionals

Library Personnel (FTE)

70 Librarians
33 Professional staff
78 Support staff
90 Student assistants

Space and Seating

  • 2.2KSeats
  • 7Locations

Number of Seats

Architecture 40
Business 77
Calder Medical 574
Richter 1,239
Weeks Music 205
Grand Total 2281
  • 1.6MVisitors

Visitors/Hours Usage

1,636,176 Visitors
118 Number of weekly public service hours. Richter Library open 24/7 during Fall & Spring finals.

Note: FY2019 Data

The numbers include All UM Libraries.

University of Miami Libraries report statistics on library collections, expenditures, services and facilities to the following external organizations:

  • The Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
  • The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
  • The Integrated Postsecondary Education Statistics (IPEDS)
  • The Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
  • Peterson’s Survey