Stress Relief Activities

7 Ways to Relieve Stress and Improve Your Well-Being at the UM Libraries

  1. Share encouragement with fellow students on the Affirmation Wall, which is located on the large, writeable wall in the Learning Commons on the first floor of Richter Library.
  2. Meditate or Practice Yoga in the Meditation Room in Richter Library, available 24/7 beginning December 9th, or check out the Libraries’ Mindfulness Resources.
  3. Pet a Therapy Dog in Richter Library on the following evenings, between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., on December 12th, 13th, and 14th.
  4. Squeeze a Star Stress Ball, available freely from Access Services in Richter Library.
  5. Relax with Crayons and Coloring Sheets, available freely from Access Services in Richter Library, Weeks Music Library, and the Architecture Research Center.
  6. Solve a Digital Puzzle with selections available from the Smithsonian.
  7. Enjoy a Snack Break with free snacks distributed by Access Services during the evenings of the Final Exams period.

The UM Libraries are here to support you with opportunities and resources designed to improve your well-being and relieve stress, especially during the Final Exams period. For other resources at UM, see the Counseling Center and Student Affairs’ Well-being and Resiliency site.

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