Digital Scholars Lab and Information Literacy Lab

The Digital Scholars Lab and Information Literacy Lab are located on the third floor of Richter Library in Room 344, adjacent to the elevators. The space offers 24 Windows workstations and a podium with a presentation computer.

The Lab is open for use during library hours and staffed for consultations according to the Digital Scholars Lab staffing schedule. The Lab offers specialized software, including ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS, R/RStudio, Stata, and NVivo. For a full list of software, please see the Data Analysis webpage.

In addition to the above data analysis software, the lab has engineering software including Amazon Corretto, Ansy, Comsol, PTC-Creo, and SolidWorks.

Instructional sessions in the Lab are reserved for library workshops. For more information, see the Instructional Space Use Policy.

Consultations and workshops with our GIS, data, and research methods experts at the University of Miami Learning Commons are available through Zoom and in-person. For information on how to contact our staff and schedule consultations and workshops, please see the Data Services webpage. For research assistance with subject specialists, request a consultation.

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