Computers (Hardware & Software)

The University of Miami Libraries have a variety of public computing facilities, offered on a first-come/first-served basis.

Computer Locations

The Libraries public PCs are equipped with at least 2 GB RAM, a 20/48x CD/DVD-ROM drive, 250 MB Zip Drive, 1.33 MP 3.5 Floppy Drive, and 80 or 160 GB hard drives, with 20″ or 17″ flat panel monitor.

Richter Library

Laptop Courtesy Loans: 15 Dell laptops with MS Office Suite (available at Circulation Desk)
1st Fl Information Commons: 154 PCs ; 12 Stand-up PCs ; 9 PCs with dedicated scanners ; 2 UPrint Color print/copy/scan stations. Map of 1st Fl IC computer locations
1st FL Mac Alcove: 6 iMacs
1st Fl Digital Media Lab: 5 iMacs ; 2 Mac Pros
1st Fl Seminar Room: 12 dual-boot MAC-minis
1st Fl Group Study Rooms: Rm 103 & Rm. 120 with Plasma screen and PC

2nd Fl Information Commons: 12 PCs ; 1 UPrint Color print/copy/scan stations ; 2 stations w/ TV and VHS/DVD players [NOTE: DVDs may be viewed on all IC computers
2nd Fl Microforms: 4 stations dedicated to viewing/printing microfilm
2nd Fl Group Study Rooms: Rm 203, 205, 206 with Plasma screen and PC
2nd Fl Faculty Reading Room: 2 PCs with shared B&W printer
2nd Fl Cuban Heritage Pavilion: 3 PCs for catalog and CHC resources

3rd Fl Information Literacy Lab: 24 PCs plus Instructor Station
3rd Fl Faculty Exploratory: 12 dual-boot iMacs, plus Instructor Station

4th-7th Fl Richter Stacks : 1 PC per floor for catalog searches and library web site

8th Fl Special Collections: 1 PC for catalog and Special collections resources
Architecture Library: 6 PCs ; 1 large format scanner ; 2 UPrint Color print/copy/scan stations

Business Library

18 PCs ; 1 UPrint Color print/copy/scan station

Marine Library

2 PCs ; 6 iMACs ; 1 UPrint Color print/copy/scan station

Weeks Music Library

Weeks Music Library Public Computer Policies

1st Fl Listening Lab: 12 PCs ; 4 stations with CD, LP, and cassette equipment ; 2 stations with DVD / VHS equipment ; 1 PC for catalog searches ; 1 Color print/copy/scan station

1st Fl Group Study Rooms: 1 room with CD, LP, and cassette equipment ; LCD screen ; Rm. 120 is equipped with a Mac Mini which is connected to the receiver system to play CD / DVD / VHS ; 1 room currently equipped with table, chairs, and whiteboard

2nd Fl Information Commons: 1 PC for catalog searches ; 10 Mac computers ; 1 UPrint Color print/copy/scan station ; 3 stations with CD, LP, and cassette equipment

2nd Fl Group Study Rooms: 1 room with CD, LP, and cassette equipment, LCD screen; 1 Mac Mini with laptop connection; 1 electric piano


The Libraries Information Commons computers use the same software packages as the University’s Student Computer Labs. The University Computer Lab image is updated annually from feedback supplied by the Libraries and Computer Labs. The Libraries do not have the ability to add new software packages at will to Information Commons computers. Please use the Library Suggestion Box to suggest new software for the IC computers.

Selected Specialized Software on Information Commons Computers
Adobe Acrobat Professional (on scanner pc’s) Omnipage (on scanner pc’s)
Adobe Dreamweaver Photoviewer
Adobe ImageReady Roxio
Adobe Media Player SAS 9.1.3
Adobe Photoshop ( on scanner pc’s) SciFinder Scholar
AutoCad SPSS 16.0.2
iTunes UMLIBRARIES – LIBX Toolbar & Conduit Toolbar
LE Winzip Visual Minteq
MS Office Suite Win FTP
MS Paint Write-N-Cite
MS Project

Creative Studio Services computers are supplied with expert video, audio, and graphic software and support for digital media project, web development, image creation /editing, and audio / video editing. Check for software available on Creative Studio computers, as well as the Richter Mac Alcove.