Library Sound Zone Policy

The University of Miami Libraries have a  “zoned” noise model, with some areas allowing group / collaborative study and other areas designated for quiet study. Please contact a library service desk if users in a Quiet Zone area are not respecting the Noise Policy. Please bring only drinks in a covered container and clean up your area when departing.

Quiet Study

  • No Cellphone use allowed. Please turn off your mobile device or put it on vibrate
  • Limit conversations so that others are respected.


  • Richter Library second floor and stacks tower
  • Library collection areas
  • Individual study seating areas
  • Designated computing areas

Collaborative Study / Low Level Noise Allowed

  • Low level conversation that is not disruptive to others in the immediate vicinity
  • Cell phones must be on vibrate.  Low level conversation allowed


  • Richter Library first floor
  • All group study and meeting rooms
  • Designated computing areas