Library Noise Policy


To ensure that all visitors to the University of Miami Libraries are able to work productively, regardless of their task.


Otto G. Richter Library; Architecture Research Center; Calder Medical Library; Judi Prokop Newman Information Research Center; Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science Library; Marta & Austin Weeks Music Library.

Policy Statement

The University of Miami Libraries has a zoned noise model, with some areas allowing group/collaborative study, and other areas designated for quiet study.  In all zones cellphones should be set to vibrate or turned off.

The Zones are as follows:

Quiet Study Zone

An area where the focus is on individual work.  Conversations should be limited, hushed, and respectful of the needs of other patrons.


  • Richter Library second floor and stacks tower
  • Richter individual seating areas
  • Richter designated computing areas
  • Richter Distinctive Collection areas (e.g., Cuban Heritage Collection, Special Collections, Kislak Center)
  • Richter third floor lobby
  • Calder third floor common areas (individual seating areas, Electronic Classroom, study rooms), basement private study rooms (B034 A-E)
  • Architecture Research Center second floor (Architecture Archives & Special Collections)
  • Weeks Music Library
  • Rosenstiel School Library (except for the Map & Chart Room and Rare Book Room; see below)

Collaborative Study Zone

An area where students may work together, and some degree of conversation is expected.  Cellphones must be set to vibrate or turned off, but quiet phone calls are acceptable.


  • Richter Library first floor
  • Richter designated computing areas
  • Group study and meeting rooms (all libraries)
  • Calder first and second floors, basement floor common areas and Medical Education group study rooms
    Information Resource Center
  • Rosenstiel School Library Map & Chart Room and Rare Book Room

Consultation Zone

An area where students and others can access in-person tutoring and consultations by Learning Commons Partners.


  • Richter Library first floor, including the Flexible Program Spaces (102A, 102B) and Learning Commons Lab (122)


If users in an any zone are not respecting the noise policy, please contact a library supervisor or visit a library service point.


For questions about this policy, please contact Access Services

Date Approved

September, 2022

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