Library Research Scholars and Adobe Scholars

The Library Research Scholars Program, inaugurated in 2015, offers University of Miami undergraduate students a unique, librarian faculty-mentored learning experience involving a deep and active engagement with the University of Miami Libraries’ research collections and service programs. A signature feature of the new Learning Commons, the program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to build upon their own interests, develop transferable skills, and create an intellectual product that is shareable with others. The program is jointly sponsored by the Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and the Dean of the Libraries.

The Adobe Library Research Scholars Program, inaugurated in 2018, builds on the success of the existing program. Thanks to a generous endowment provided by Adobe Systems Inc., two undergraduate students will be selected each year to serve as Adobe Scholars. The award-winning students will participate actively in the existing program, receive specialized training from experts associated with the Creative Studio, create an audiovisual and/or multimedia intellectual project, and serve as creative consultants to help other UM students maximize the potential of Adobe Creative Cloud and other related tools and software.

Program Description

Each student accepted into either the Library Research Scholars Program or associated Adobe Library Research Scholars Program will participate in a year-long, four-part program:

Orientation: Students will take part in a focused orientation program, meeting with key library faculty and staff in order to understand the nature of the organization’s work. The program will include introductions to many library departments, including Learning and Research Services, Special Collections, University Archives, Cuban Heritage Collection, Digital Library, Music Library, Architecture Research Center (ARC), and more. Adobe Scholars will receive specialized training in the Creative Studio and its offerings.

Mentorship and Work Experience: All students will be matched with a librarian faculty member, who will serve as a mentor and supervisor. The programs require 5-10 hours of dedicated time per week in the University of Miami Libraries during the fall and spring semesters. This time includes a weekly cohort session that all Library Research Scholars, including Adobe Scholars, will attend.

Deliverable: In consultation with a librarian faculty mentor, each student will develop a project that results in an intellectual product. The focus of the project could be any topic of interest to the Library Research Scholar and related to Library collections and services in some way. Adobe Scholars will create an audiovisual and/or multimedia intellectual project. For other Library Research Scholars, the range of products is broader, including analog projects , such as a scholarly paper or written creative work. Library Research and Adobe Scholars will also deposit their final project proposals and annotated bibliographies into the Scholarly Repository (Scholarship@Miami).

Recognition Event: At the conclusion of the academic year, a capstone event will be hosted at Richter Library in which each Library Research Scholar and Adobe Scholar will describe their experience and project. The families and friends of the Scholars will be invited, along with UM faculty, administrators and others.

Eligibility and Requirements

Any undergraduate student at the University of Miami is welcome to apply to become either a Library Research Scholar or Adobe Scholar. For Adobe Scholars, proficiency in one or more Adobe applications, preferably PhotoShop, InDesign, Premiere, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver, is suggested, but not required. The program requires 5-10 hours of dedicated time per week in the University of Miami Libraries during the fall and spring semesters. The commitment includes a weekly cohort session. Scholars will be paid hourly (5-10 hours per week) for the fall and spring semesters of the academic year.

Project themes: Project proposals on any topic are welcome. The Library Research Scholars & Adobe Scholars program is particularly interested in projects that draw upon resources available in the Cuban Heritage Collection, the Camner Family Music Collection, and those related to Black Studies (see the Africana Studies Research Guide). For examples, please see the annual listing of awardees and their project topics.

How to Apply

The application process includes completion of an online questionnaire and submission of a resume. Following a review of applications, finalists are invited to interview, and awardees are then selected. During the interview process, the feasibility of project ideas will be explored for appropriate matches with potential library faculty mentors.

During each academic year, the University of Miami Libraries selects three Library Research Scholars and two Adobe Scholars.

Applications are now being reviewed for the next cohort. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Submit your application today!

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Please contact Ava Brillat, and Lauren Fralinger for more information.

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