2016-2017 Library Research Scholars

  • Nishi Bordia

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Architecture
    Mentor: Gilda Santana

    Project: Green Building Construction Methods

  • Kiana Geiger

    Year: Senior
    Major: Health Science Management and Policy
    Mentor: Vera Spika

    Project: Libraries and Disabilities

  • Sean Harnik

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Biology and Business Administration
    Mentor: Meiyolet Mendez

    Project: Project: Cuba and Public Health

  • Joshua Myers

    Year: Senior
    Major: Philosophy and Psychology
    Mentor: Jay Sylvestre

    Project: Philosophy and Science

  • Madelyn Paquette

    Year: Senior
    Major: Acting
    Mentor: Ava Brillat

    Project: Miami Onstage

  • Jeremy Penn

    Year: Senior
    Major: Ecosystem Science & Policy, Applied Physics, and Geography
    Mentor: Lauren Fralinger

    Project: LGBTQ+ History of the University of Miami

  • Caitlin Smith

    Year: Junior
    Major: Architecture and Mathematics
    Mentor: Gilda Santana

    Project Theme: Intersection of Architecture and Mathematics

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