2017-2018 Library Research Scholars

  • Maya Lubarsky

    Year: Senior
    Major: Neuroscience
    Mentor: Vera Spika

    Project: Neuroscience Subject Guide for the University of Miami

    Maya Lubarsky is a senior from Coral Springs, Florida. She is pursuing a Neuroscience major with a Chemistry, English, and Public Health minor on the Pre-Medical track. Using her neuroscience background, she is working on developing an online Neuroscience research guide for the University of Miami Libraries. Maya is also working on collecting information on the history of Neuroscience as a discipline at the University of Miami and its growing role on campus. After she graduates she hopes to attend Medical School and pursue a career as a medical professional.

  • Dana McGeehan

    Year: Senior
    Major: History and Media Management
    Mentor: Elliot Williams

    Project: Miami: Then & Now
    Miami: Then & Now Story Map

    Dana McGeehan is researching the history of Miami for her project. More specifically, she is looking at historic photographs to determine what historic sites in Miami still exist and what has replaced those that have been demolished. She is a senior from Miami, FL double-majoring in History and Media Management.

  • Sathvik Palakurty

    Year: Junior
    Major: Biology and Applied Mathematics
    Mentor: Cameron Riopelle

    Project: Echo Chambers and Political Polarization on Social Media

    Sathvik Palakurty is a Biology and Applied Mathematics major with a computational background. He is using the Library Research Scholars Program as an opportunity to diversify his research interests. He is focusing on looking at echo chambers and their influence on political opinion using a large social media dataset.

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