2018-2019 Library Research Scholars & Adobe Scholars

2018-2019 Library Research Scholars

Rachel Fracasso
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Photography
Project: Lens Discoveries

Rachel is conducting a humanities research project employing photography and Story Maps to document her travels and experiences while studying abroad in South Africa. She will also create a travel journal in the style of mixed media travel journals housed in Special Collections.

Mentor: Christina Larson

David Lanster
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Chemistry
Minor: Art History
Project: Brew at the U: Archiving Miami’s Craft Breweries in the Special Collections

David is exploring culinary history of Miami, focusing on the growing craft beer scene. He is actively collecting ephemera to establish a Miami Beer archive as part of Special Collections and contextualizing these findings through oral histories and interactive maps.

Mentor: Cristina Favretto

Kristine Reynardus
Year: Senior
Major: Public Health
Minor: Political Science
Project: Female Representation in Hispanic and LatinX Art

Kristine is utilizing the Cuban Heritage Collection to provide historical contexts to female artists by creating an interactive, multimedia story map. By providing relevant biographic and historic information, Kristine will increase the visibility and context of women artists and female representation in Hispanic and LatinX art. Kristine is also including personal artistic expressions to encourage and inspire others to find new forms of expression.

Mentor: Martin Tsang

2018-2019 Adobe Scholars

Armani Rodriguez
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Electrical Engineering
Project: Emergence of South Florida Hip Hop

Armani is creating a multimedia project to collect and increase the representation of local South Florida artists in UM Libraries’ collections. He is capturing South Florida hip hop history, including the development of specific artists and record labels.

Mentors: Vanessa Rodriguez and Amy Strickland

Amber Tavakoly
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology and Political Science
Minor: Chemistry
Project: In the Eye of the Activist: Surveying Student Movements through Visual Mediums

Amber is researching and analyzing various student-led social movements of the 20th and 21st century to create an online Documentary-style booklet that can also be printed. She will explore how visual messages permeate public thought to enhance advocacy.

Mentors: Vanessa Rodriguez and Terri Robar

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