Learn how to analyze data

The University of Miami Data & Visualization Services team provides consultative and instructional services for students, faculty, and staff in data analysis. We can assist you with the access, use, and manipulation of quantitative and qualitative datasets. Our expertise with research methods includes both quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods assistance includes training on organizing your data for statistical analysis, as well as instruction on appropriate statistics methods, including which models to use, and model assumptions/validity testing. Qualitative assistance includes training on software for textual analysis, for social scientific, psychological, or digital humanities approaches. We will assist you with building the appropriate visualizations for your research.

We can help you…

  • Learn software for data analysis
  • Learn methods for quantitative + qualitative research
  • Get assistance with data cleaning
  • Learn methods for textual analysis
  • Choose the appropriate research design
  • Choose the appropriate method of analysis
  • Build effective data visualizations


Learn software for research

Full list of current software/languages supported by Data & Visualization Services (alphabetical):

SAGE Research Methods

The University of Miami Libraries are excited to provide access to SAGE Research Methods books, datasets, and case studies.