To make good visualizations, you have to understand your data, know your audience, and learn software for data analysis and visualization. You might want to construct data visualizations using statistical software, qualitative research software, and software for graphic design. Whether you are making images for peer-reviewed publication, data dashboards, or visualizations for poster presentations, the Data & Visualization Services department provides support as you learn techniques of data visualization. Certain software environments and packages are common across disciplines for data visualization (e.g., ggplot2 in R and matplotlib in Python). Beyond this, we also support disciplinary techniques for expressing data visually (e.g., forest plots for meta-analysis in biomedical research, fit diagnostics for statistical modeling, or digital humanities visualizations).

We provide:

  1. Support for learning software to construct data visualizations
  2. Consultations on choosing appropriate visualizations for your purposes
  3. Critical feedback on data visualizations you have built

We do not make visualizations on request. Our support for data visualization is focused on teaching and training.

Book a consultation with our faculty and staff to work us with improving your data visualizations.