Resources for Faculty during COVID-19

To order new books, send requests to your subject librarian. Please note that during the COVID crisis, book purchase requests will be fulfilled with e-book versions, unless no e-book is available.

Choose a film from one of our streaming databases:

To stream a film through Zoom, when clicking on “Share Screen,” look in the lower left corner of the popup window that shows all the programs you have open. Check the box that says “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clips.”

Book stacks at Richter Library, Weeks Music Library, Architecture Research Center, off-site storage, and the Marine & Atmospheric Science Library are closed. Please use the Request function in uSearch and pick up materials at the library of your choice.

To access a selection of our print holdings online, faculty, staff, and students can log into HathiTrust with their CaneID and password. The HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service now provides online access to over 40% of UML’s print collections.

To request e-books and films to go on Reserve, submit the Course Reserves form, or send a message to with the course ID, instructor name, and materials to go on Reserve, including chapters or page numbers if applicable. Please note that the Libraries will be hosting only electronic reserves during the COVID crisis.

Interlibrary Loan is once again available for books, chapters and articles, although availability may be limited.

When transitioning courses into the online environment, see this online teaching guide for UM faculty.

To search for Open Access resources, start with this OER guide for UM faculty.

For copyright information in this new environment, see the guide for UM Faculty.

If you or a student has problems connecting to resources from abroad, try VPN:

  • Log in to Pulse Secure VPN.
  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer (or Edge).
  • Type in the address bar and press Enter.
  • If a tab to sign in to your account appears, select your UM email (e.g.
  • On UM’s Single Sign-On page, enter your CaneID and password.
    • Note: The device you are logging in with must be registered on CGCENT network domain.
  • You will then need to authenticate via the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication page.

SPSS is now available for from home by UM faculty and students.

To create PDFs of printed material, try Adobe Scan (free for users).