Patrons who return a borrowed item past its due date, lose a borrowed item, or return an item that has been damaged while on loan, are charged fines.  Fines can be paid with cash, check or credit card at the 1st Floor Circulation Desk in the Otto G. Richter Library. Fine rates are as follows:

Patron Type Books DVD / Audio Book Reserve Item Recalled Item Bound Journal
Student .25 per day $1 per day $1 per hour $1 per day $1 per day
Faculty $1 per day $1 per hour $1 per day
Staff .25 per day $1 per day $1 per hour $1 per day $1 per day
Alumni/Other Borrowers .25 per day $1 per day N/A $2 per day $1 per day

Fines not paid after thirty days are subject to the overdue fine, plus the cost of replacement (generally $75).

Damaged Material

A borrower returning a damaged item to the University of Miami Libraries will be billed the replacement cost for the item (generally $75).

Lost Material

A borrower should notify the Circulation Desk if an item on loan has been lost. Once the Circulation Desk has been notified, overdue fines stop accruing. Overdue fines accrued to that date will be charged along with the replacement cost of the item (generally $75). Borrowers will be issued a credit for the replacement cost if a lost item is returned within one year and a replacement copy has not been purchased, minus a $10 processing fee.

Replacement Cost

The replacement cost is generally $75 per item, although some items may have a higher replacement cost. With approval, a patron may purchase a replacement of the exact same item if the library has not already purchased one.