Learning and Research Services

Learning and Research Services is a team of experts – liaison or subject librarians, information specialists, peer research consultants, and others – dedicated to helping you make progress on your transformative journey at the U. We offer research consultations, instructional sessions, disciplinary research guides, and multi-media creativity tools and technologies to ensure you achieve your academic goals.

How we help
Do you have a question about a topic you are studying, a research project you are undertaking, an original work you are creating, or a course you are developing? Ask us about what you need, and we promise to listen and do our best to help you take the next step. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

Learning and Research Services collaborates with campus partners to create learning and research environments that encourage inquiry, creativity, collaboration and experimentation. From research consultations and math tutoring to writing workshops and mindfulness sessions, we offer something for everyone. Find out more about the Learning Commons at Richter Library and Library Research Scholars Program for undergraduate students.

Our locations
Visit us at one of our many locations, including:

How we plan
We aim to stay current on the latest research about how people learn and conduct research, and we strive to incorporate these insights into our daily practice. By making ongoing improvements in the design and delivery of our services, we hope to model how we, too, are learning and growing. For example, we developed the Learning Commons using a participatory-design process that engaged faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, librarians and other employees.