U-LINK Librarians and Support for Interdisciplinary Research

Thanks to a collaboration with the Office of Research and the University of Miami’s Laboratory for Integrated Knowledge, librarians at the University of Miami Libraries are participating in grant-funded interdisciplinary research teams working on societal problems. The collaboration began with U-LINK’s launch in 2018 and continues today. Read more about U-LINK Librarians in News@TheU.

Who are U-LINK librarians?

U-LINK librarians are University of Miami librarians who, in addition to their core duties as subject librarians, law or medical librarians, participate on award-winning U-LINK teams to advance interdisciplinary research.

What role does the U-LINK librarian play?

Each U-LINK librarian tailors their roles and activities to the needs of the team and the particular sets of expertise and experience they bring. U-LINK librarians contribute to the team effort by:

Information Access and Management

  • finding and accessing information resources (scholarly publications, data sets, databases, etc.). The librarian can also:

Connections to Other Experts

  • connecting you to librarians and others on campus with skills and knowledge related to:
    • statistical software
    • data, data management plans, and data analysis
    • qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • research software (SPSS, R, SAS, Stata, NVivo, etc.)
    • GIS software (ArcGIS, etc.)
    • emerging technologies (digital media, 3D printing, AR/VR/MR, etc.)
    • presentation and recording technologies (One-Button Studio, podcasting, etc.)
    • digital publishing strategies, platforms, software, and tools
    • archival and preservation strategies
    • digitization and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • copyright and rights management
    • resources in other disciplinary areas, and
    • rare and unique materials in relevant disciplines

Spaces to Collaborate and Engage

  • arranging for access to team meeting spaces, technology, and presentation spaces in libraries on all three campuses
  • advising on collaboration tools and technologies

Team Communication Strategies

  • providing additional perspective, alternative approaches, and insights to enhance team communications.

And more…

U-LINK Librarians may also be able to facilitate engagement with members of the community, share knowledge about grant and funding opportunities, and contribute specialized areas of knowledge, such as particular research methodologies or language expertise. In conversation with U-LINK Librarians, teams may discover even more points of connection and opportunities to collaborate.

Research and Presentations

Librarian-led research projects, presentations, webinars, and other forms of scholarship generated as a result of the University of Miami Libraries partnership with U-LINK:




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