Collection Development Policy

The University Archives collects non-current official institutional records generated by administrative offices, colleges and schools, faculty, student organizations and other university related organizations.

Examples of such records include, but are not limited to:

  • Constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings, transcripts, lists of officers of University corporate bodies
  • Office Files: correspondence and memoranda (incoming and outgoing) and subject files concerning projects, activities and functions
  • Historical files documenting policies, decisions, committee and task force reports, and questionnaires
  • Publications: three copies of all newsletters, journals, brochures, monographs, programs, posters, bulletins and announcements issued by the University or its subdivisions.
  • Photographs and digital images
  • Records of student and affiliated organizations, including student publications
  • Faculty publications [Faculty manuscripts may be offered to the Library‚Äôs Special Collections Division]
  • Student publications, such as thesis and dissertations

Also, unofficial records are acquired when they provide documentation of university related programs and activities. The types of such items the University Archives seeks are personal correspondence, essays, memorabilia, photographs, and audio/video recordings.

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