Donations & Transferring Materials

Transferring Records to the University Archives

Consult with the University Archivist before sending materials to the Archives.  Records transferred to the University Archives are subsequently administered by the University Archives and made available to researchers unless restrictions are specified in the Records Transfer Form or required by law.  Once records are transferred to the Archives, they cannot be borrowed (they may be accessed through the Special Collections Reading Room) or returned to the transferring unit.  By transferring records to the Archives, originating offices acknowledge and agree that all decisions relating to the use or disposition of the records shall be at the discretion of the University Archivist.

How to transfer records to the University Archives:

  • Obtain boxes for your records by contacting Marcia Heath at 305-284-3247 or
  • Using a pencil, label the boxes as follows:
    • Department/Office Name
    • Box [number of this box] of [total number of boxes]
  • Make a list of box contents. The box contents list should include the number of the box and the title of each folder in each box exactly as it is written on the folder. Send the box list to the Archives along with your records.
  • Complete the Records Transfer Form and return it to the Archives with your records.
  • Arrange for delivery of your records to the University Archives by contacting Marcia Heath.