Architecture Research Center (ARC)

Welcome to the Architecture Research Center (ARC)

The Architecture Research Center (ARC) collections support the research and information needs of the University of Miami School of Architecture at the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and post-professional levels.

Architecture collections are housed in three locations; the Otto G. Richter Library, the Architecture Research Center (ARC), and the Rome Program Library. The Architecture Research Center (ARC) maintains a circulating collection of the most recently published monographs in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, technology and environmental responsibility in architecture, and design, and over 80 current, international architecture and design related journals.  Supplemental materials and journal backfiles are housed at the Otto G. Richter Library.

The architecture collections are a unique center for information about South Florida that reflect the School of Architecture’s emphasis on tropical, vernacular, landscape architecture, urban planning, historic preservation and the New Urbanism. Architecture collections are robust in the areas of Latin American and Caribbean architecture and urbanism, all periods of Italy with an emphasis on classical architecture and the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries.  The Architecture Research Center (ARC) houses modest, but growing print and electronic archival collections, the Archive of the New Urbanism, and the School of Architecture archives.