Rosenstiel School Library Collections

The Rosenstiel School Library collections reflect the longstanding research strengths and current research interests of the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science. Collections include publications in Marine Biology & Ecology, Atmospheric Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Marine Geosciences, and Environmental Science and Policy. The Rosenstiel School Library’s collections are particularly strong in literature pertaining to Florida, Caribbean and Latin American marine environments. Oceanographic and fisheries literature from around the world are included.

The Rosenstiel School Library holds more than 85,000 volumes and receives over 550 current periodicals titles by subscription, gift or exchange. More than 70 percent of the periodical titles are available in electronic format. Also included in our holdings are reports from private, state, federal and international organizations and agencies. The library has more than 300 atlases, and 1,500 maps and nautical charts.

Among the Library’s special collection are theses, dissertations, and Internship reports, over 700 volumes of expedition reports and 1,100 rare books and manuscripts. The Library also houses archival materials pertaining to the history of the Rosenstiel School, including its annual and technical reports, oral histories, photographs and selected historic files.

The catalog provides direct access to cataloged resources in the collection.