Documenting the Everglades (Bibliographies / Subject Guides)

Prepared by Craig Likness, September 2002.  Updated and expanded by Maria Estorino,  April 2007.

Reclaiming the Everglades: South Florida’s Natural History, 1884 – 1934. A collaborative project of the University of Miami’s Otto G. Richter Library, the Historical  Museum of Southern Florida and Florida International University.  The website documents the written and pictorial history of the Everglades up to 1934.

Manuscript and Archival Collections

Model Land Company Records (M0075). Plat maps, land sales, agricultural projects, correspondence, reports for districts  throughout South Florida.

Mary McDougal Axelson Papers (M0020). The Axelsons owned the Chevelier Company, a Florida real estate company with land  holdings in the Everglades.  They were involved in a prolonged battle to protect their  property rights in condemnation proceedings related to Everglades National Park.

Tamiami Trail Photograph Collection (M0478)

Minnie Moore-Willson Collection (M0203). Documents relating to establishment of land areas for the Seminoles; women  environmental and social activists in region; and life of the Seminoles in the  Everglades.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Papers (M0060). Correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs of the author of The Everglades:  River of Grass and renowned champion of the Everglades.

Oliver Griswold Papers (M0089). Griswold authored articles and books about the Everglades and Florida’s natural  environment.

Augustus Seymour Houghton Papers (M0098). Includes material on the establishment of Everglades National Park.

Essential Reading

Douglas, Marjory Stoneman.  The Everglades: River of Grass.  New York, Rinehart [1947].  Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 D6.  Later editions also available.

Tebeau, Charlton W.  Man in the Everglades: 2,000 years of human history in the  Everglades National Park.  Coral Gables, Fla.: University of Miami Press, 1968.Richter Stacks and UM Archives F306 .C6 No.3 1968.

Carr, Archie.  The Everglades.  New York, Time-Life Books, 1973.  Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida QH105.F6 C34.

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Douglas, Marjory Stoneman.  Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Voice of a River: An   Autobiography.  Englewood, Fla.: Pineapple Press, 1987.  Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida QH31.D645 A3 1987.

Brown, Loren G.  Totch: A Life in the Everglades.  Gainesville: University Press of Florida,  1993.  Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 B76 1993.

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Grunwald, Michael.  The Swamp.  New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006.  Richter Stacks and  Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 G78 2006.


Everglades Reclamation and Drainage

Everglades of Florida: Acts, Reports, and Other Papers, State and National, Relating to the  Everglades of the State of Florida and their Reclamation.  Washington: GovernmentPrinting Office, 1911.  Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida TC977.F6 A5 1911.

Back to Broward: save the honor of Florida.  Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Back to Broward League,1916.  Spec Coll Florida TC977.F6 B32 1916.

Conference on Florida Everglades Reclamation.  Baltimore, Maryland, 1927.  Spec Coll FloridaHD1740.E8 C6 1927.

Report of Everglades Engineering Board of Review to Board of Commissioners of Everglades Drainage District.  Tallahassee, Fla.: Everglades Engineering Board of Review, 1927.Spec Coll Florida TC977.F6 E8 1927.

Douglas, Marjory Stoneman.  “Everglades and first reclamation idea.”  Typescript.  Marjory   Stoneman Douglas Papers:  Box 43, Folder 61.


Development of the Everglades

Prospectus of the Florida East Coast Drainage and Sugar Company, St. Augustine, Fla.: TheCompany, 1902.  Spec Coll Florida HD9107.F6 F63.

Waldin, Walter.  Truck Farming in the Everglades.  Chicago, 1910.  Spec Coll Florida SB321.5.W3  1910.

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Wright, James Oliver.  The Everglades of Florida: their adaptability to the growth of sugar cane.  Tallahassee,Fla., 1912.  Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 W95.

Sugar in the Everglades.  Clewiston Fla.: United States Sugar Corporation, 1938  Spec Coll Florida SB228.U6.


Seminole Indians in the Everglades

Emerson, William Canfield.  The Seminoles: dwellers of the Everglades: the land, history  and culture of the Florida Indians.  New York: Exposition Press, 1954.  Richter Stacksand Spec Coll Florida E99.S28 E5.

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Moore-Willson, Minnie.  “The Florida Everglades and the Seminole Indians.”  Typescript.  Minnie Moore-Willson Papers.

—- -.  “The Seminoles of Florida.”  Red Man 7:2 (October 1913): 80-84.

—- -.  The Least Known Wilderness of America.  Kissimmee, Fla.: Claud F. Johnson, 1920.  Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 W66 1917.

—- -.  Snap Shots from the Everglades of Florida: jungle life of the Seminoles.  Tampa:  Tampa Tribune Publishing Company, 1917.  Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida E99.S28  W52 1917.

—- -. Snap Shots from the Everglades of Florida.  St. Augustine, Fla.: St. Augustine  Historical Society, 1918.  Spec Coll Florida E99.S28 W52 1918.

—- -. The Birds of the Everglades and their Neighbors, the Seminole Indians. Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida F317.E9 W65 1920.

Please search the Library Catalog for additional titles regarding the Seminole Indians and the Seminole Wars.


Natural History

Small, John Kunkel. Ferns of Royal Palm Hammock. New York, 1918. Spec Coll Florida QK525.S55.

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Levin, Ted. Liquid Land: A Journey through the Florida Everglades. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2003. Richter Stacks and Spec Coll Florida QH105.F6 L47 2003.


Travel and Adventure in the Everglades

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Jenks, John Whipple Potter. Hunting in Florida in 1874. Providence, 1884. Spec Coll Florida F317.E9J5.

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