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Two generations of librarians, Fairchild Tropical Gardens

There are so many resources for families living in Miami. Locally, we have Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, Miami Seaquarium, Miami Children’s Museum, and soon we will have a brand new science museum, Frost Science! If you want to take a drive north, there’s of course Disney World in Orlando and Legoland in Winter Haven. And then of course there are all of the beaches… And I also always recommend the Children’s Exchange for families with young children.


Top Ten Cheap Eats in Miami

  1. The fruit! Whether whole, in fresh squeezed juice (available everywhere), or in batidos (no ice cream in these milk shakes – just ice, milk, and fruit) – you can regularly get the most amazing array of fruit. My current favorite is guanabana juice from the aptly named El Palacio de los Jugos.
  2. Coffee. Whether your choice is a cafe con leche or a cafecito or a cortadito you can get it almost anywhere including from the near ubiquitous walk up windows.
  3. Cuban pastelitos with meat or cheese or guava or croquetas with cod or ham or chicken – again from nearly any of the walk up windows around Miami.
  4. A Honduran baleada – a tortilla with refried beans and crema folded over on itself. The description doesn’t do justice to what it tastes like.
  5. The Salvadoran pupusas with a side of curtido – the most delicious coleslaw like salad you will ever have.
  6. The Pan Con Minuta or fish sandwich from La Camaronera. Right off the boat, simple, huge and delicious.
  7. Roast mojo pork, bought by the pound from El Palacio de las Jugos or even just the local grocery store, eat it with the yucca on the side and don’t forget the chicharrones!
  8. The bread pudding and flan that you can get almost anywhere.
  9. Arepas for breakfast from the farmers market that is regularly outside of the Richter Library.
  10. Caribbean chicken, or ribs or pork from the local fast food chain Pollo Tropical. Other fast food will never be the same again. And get the balsamic tomatoes as a side.

“I’m interested in culinary history and food culture, and when I moved here from Los Angeles—one of the best food cities in the world—I thought Miami would be a bit of a food desert. Instead, I’ve found fertile ground for my interests: I do an occasional food blog (Tastes of the Tropics) and have met a fascinating variety of chefs, organic farmers, food writers, and restaurateurs.