The University of Miami has supported the One Book, One U program since 2017 when Professors Chantel Acevedo (English) and Osamudia James (Law) received a SEEDS grant to establish a common reading program. The Office of Institutional Culture then became a strategic partner, citing the program’s alignment with the Quad Report for the Culture of Belonging and the program continued its mission of promoting discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2020, University of Miami Libraries (UML) announced their plans to become the official home for the One Book, One U program. As a central entity serving all members of the university community, UML is uniquely positioned to ensure that the program continues to have a significant impact across our campuses.


Coordinating Committee:

  • Chantel Acevedo
  • Matt Acevedo
  • Kelsa Bartley
  • Ava Brillat
  • Marni Lennon
  • Miriam Lipsky
  • Meg Merrill
  • Kennedy Robinson

Selection Committee:

  • Renee Dickens Callan
  • Renee Evans
  • Germane Barnes
  • Laura Kohn-Wood
  • Angela Clark
  • Leslie Knecht
  • Melissa Burley
  • Charlton Copeland
  • Melvin Butler
  • Nanette Vega
  • Ava Brillat
  • Kennedy Robinson
  • Vanessa Ann Peters
  • Samara Smulker
  • Nadiyah Aamer
  • Kelsa Bartley
  • Marni Lennon
  • Meg Merrill
  • Matt Acevedo



  • UM Libraries
  • Center for the Humanities
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Creative Writing Program
  • Department of English
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Activities
  • Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement