Printing is suspended for the remainder of the semester. Are you interested in 3D printing at home? We are available for virtual consultations Monday – Wednesday from 9am – 5pm if you would like any guidance or have any questions about the Ultimaker 3 printers.  Please give us a brief description of the question/issue in order to set-up an online meeting.

Schedule a consultation on this website or email with any questions.

The 3D printing service is located at the Creative Studio in Richter Library. It is open to all current students and employees of the University of Miami. We are currently have Ultimaker 3 printers with PLA and PVA filament.

The Ultimaker 3 is a higher end printer with higher resolution and dual extrusion.


Printing Instructions

Call or email to schedule a consultation time to review your project with us and for a turn-around estimate. At this time we will give you a price and time estimate. Cost is $2/HR. Printing size and resolution will affect the amount of time an object takes to print.

Please allow 2 weeks for turn-around time. Best price and turn-around time estimates will be given at time of print request.

  • Ultimaker 3 – $2/HR to print


  • If error/misprint on first run: no charge
    • if model or file error, will contact with patron to modify file before reprinting
  • If error/misprint on 2nd run:
    • if Studio error, will try to reprint
    • if model error, charge and ask patron to modify print

Print Specifications

Ultimaker 3 Print Area

  • Single Extrusion: 215mm x 215mm x 200mm
    • 8.5×8.5×7.9 inches
  • Dual Extrusion: 197mm x 215mm x 200mm
    • 7.8×8.5×7.9 inches


  • Make an appointment 7 days in advance. Print times depend on number and size of objects being printed as well as time in the semester.
  • Patrons are responsible for design of their prints.
  • Print orders are reviewed prior to printing.
  • The Creative Studio reserves the right to refuse a print request.

Curriculum Support

We offer class demonstrations of the 3D printers and an on site tour.