Creative Studio Workstations (Richter)

Richter’s Creative Studio holds 16 Mac computer workstations (3 Mac Pro & 13 iMacs) and one Dell Windows computer. All Mac computers have the iLife and Adobe CC software installed. Workstations with other speciality software and hardware.


  • Mac Pro Workstation 1 – MacPro, Avid, VHS, Cassette Tape, and Vinyl Record Digitization
  • Mac Pro Workstation 2 – Mac Pro, Final Cut Pro 7
  • Mac Pro Workstation 3 – Mac Pro, Final Cut Pro 7
  • iMac Workstaiton 13: Small format Epson 4990 scanner
  • iMac Workstation 16: Large format Epson 10000XL scanner
  • Viewing Station 17: Viewing/Gaming Monitor. Toshiba flat screen tube TV with VHS/DVD combo
  • Viewing Station 18: Viewing/Gaming Monitors. 24″ HD TV with HDMI and AV input, and headphone jack for dual monitor work or gaming.
  • Dell Workstation: Windows – Autodesk (Maya, Backburner, Mudbox, ReCap), Adobe CC, Unity, Oculus, Steam

Available Software List

Not all software is available on all computers.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Acrobat Professional, iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, iPhoto, Garageband, iWeb, Final Cut Pro 7, DVD Studio Pro 4, Soundtrack Pro 2, Motion 3, Color, Compressor, Microsoft Office 2011, AVID, Adobe AIR, Audacity, DivX PLayer, Epson Scan, Fetch FTP Software, Handbrake, Quicktime Player, Real Player, Tinkercad, M3D, Cura, Toast Titanium, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

The Dell Windows workstation has select Autodesk software, Adobe CC, Unity, Oculus, and Steam.

Creative Sound Studio Workstations (Music Library)

Coming in September 2018 – The Creative Sound Studio holds 12 Windows Dell computers and 10 Mac computer workstations. All computers will have Adobe Audition, Ableton Live, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere. In addition to those previously listed, all Mac computers will have Pro Tools and Garage Band. Workstations with other speciality software and hardware will be reservable for up to 3 hours and renewable if no one else has reserved if afterwards.

Links to Free or Available Software Downloads (Mac OS)