Equipment Information

The Creative Studio has an array of multimedia equipment in four different library locations (Richter, Music, RSMAS, and Architecture Resource Center) available for current UM students and employees. Not sure what you need or wondering if you can use what you already have? You can ask our staff about what equipment would be right for your project. Email us or schedule a consultation with one of our experts by using the contact methods found on our homepage.

Click here to Reserve Equipment. Reserve what you need online, then pick up the equipment at the library when you receive confirmation.

How to Reserve Equipment


Equipment List

  • Cameras: Canon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, Canon point and shoot cameras, Canon Vixia video cameras, GoPro Hero, GoPro Fusion 360.
  • Audio Kits & Midi Keyboards: audio recorders, digital recorders, microphones, lavaliers, 360 audio microphones, midi keyboards, and mobile audio adapters available.
  • Accessories: tripods, mobile device tripods, mobile device microphones, smartphone gimbal, vlogger kit.
  • Miscellaneous: lighting, green screen, portable studios, Oculus Quest 1 and 2, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Touch, drawing tablets, projector and screen, mini projectors, laser measurement tool, and PageFlip.


Magic Leap

Magic Leap One is an augmented reality, spatial computer that lets you see and interact with digital content in the world around you. The library has Magic Leap headsets available to loan out for research purposes. If you are working on a project and need a headset, please contact Vanessa Rodriguez. If you are interested in a project for Magic Leap and require assistance, please contact the U Innovation team.

Magic Leap Safety Guides & Regulatory Information

Lending Policies & Procedures

1. Reservations are made through the library’s online reservation system

  • Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance.
  • Reservations are for 5 days.* Reservations can be extended only on the last day of the first reservation period. Patrons wishing to take equipment out for longer periods should email
  • Reservations not picked up within 24 hrs will be cancelled in order to allow other patrons to check out the equipment.

2. Equipment pick-up and drop-off for Richter and Weeks Music Library are at the Creative Studio locations during their office hours only. For RSMAS and Architecture, pick-up and drop-off is at their front desk.


  • The person renting the equipment is required to pick it up and return it themselves.
  • Late fees are $10 a day.
  • Patron is responsible for lost/damaged equipment.
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