The studio offers large and small format high-quality printing with Epson products on glossy and photo quality paper. For 3D printing, please visit the 3D printing page.

Are you interested in making a poster for an online presentation? We are available for virtual consultations if you would like any software or graphic design guidance or have any other questions. Visit our homepage for information on how to contact us.

How To Order Your Print

  • Fill out a Print Request Form and submit it and your project as a high quality PDF three business days in advance to
  • All print orders must be sized by the patron to the desired dimensions. Files that are significantly smaller than the desired size (for example an 8.5”x11” file for a 36”x44” poster request) can result in blurred text/images and large white borders.)
  • Staff will contact you with a cost estimate and turn-around time.
  • Pick up your print at the Creative Studio during office hours.

Poster Creation Tips

  • Create your poster in the actual size you require.
  • Use full size images (at least 100 dpi, but 300 dpi will look much better).
  • When using MS PowerPoint, turn on the Ruler option under Design-Page Setup to adjust the size of your slide.
  • Save your final document as a PDF.


  • Patrons are responsible for the design of their posters. This includes creation of any graphics and text formatting.
  • The printer can only be operated by the studio staff.
  • Creative Studio reserves the right not to print an order and patrons will be notified.
  • The printing service is only available Monday through Friday.
  • Group orders (10 or more files) must be received 7 days in advance.

Print Options & Prices

Large-Format High Quality Printing Prices:

  • 24 inch roll – $0.75 per linear inch
  • 44 inch roll – $1.00 per linear inch

Small-Format High Quality Printing Prices:

  • 8.5 x 11 paper – $2.50 per sheet
  • 11 x 17 paper – $5.00 per sheet
  • 13 x 19 paper – $7.50 per sheet

More Options

Biomedical Communications, located at Calder Library on the medical campus, offers poster printing on various types of paper, binding services, and on-site photography studio services to the UM community.