Printing is suspended for the remainder of the semester. Are you interested in making a poster for an online presentation? We are available for virtual consultations Monday – Wednesday from 9am – 5pm.

Schedule a consultation on this website or email with any questions.


The studio offers large and small format high-quality printing with Epson products on glossy and photo quality paper. For 3D printing, please visit the 3D printing page.

How To Order Your Print

  • Fill out a Print Request Form and submit it and your project as a high quality PDF 48 hours in advance to the studio staff, either in person or via email to
  • All print orders must be sized by the patron to the desired dimensions (Example: 22×44 inches)
  • Pick up your print at the agreed time. Turn around time is normally 24-48 hours. Please speak to our staff for an estimate as turnaround times change depending on the point in the semester.

Poster Creation Tips

  • Create your poster in the actual size you require.
  • Use full size images (at least 100 dpi, but 300 dpi will look much better).
  • If possible, avoid compressed formats, like jpg, which are more likely to lose quality.
  • When using MS PowerPoint, turn on the Ruler option under Design-Page Setup to adjust the size of your slide.
  • Save your final document as a PDF.


  • Patrons are responsible for the design of their posters. This includes creation of any graphics and text formatting.
  • The printer can only be operated by the studio staff.
  • DML reserves the right not to print an order and patron will be notified.
  • The printing service is only available Monday through Friday.
  • All orders must be received 48 hours in advance. Group orders (10 or more files) must be received 7 days in advance.

Print Options & Prices

Large-Format High Quality Printing Prices:

  • 24 inch roll – $0.75 per linear inch
  • 44 inch roll – $1.00 per linear inch
  • poster tube (optional) 26″ – $2.00/each
  • poster tube (optional) 48″ – $4.00/each

Small-Format High Quality Printing Prices:

  • 8.5 x 11 paper – $2.50 per sheet
  • 11 x 17 paper – $5.00 per sheet
  • 13 x 19 paper – $7.50 per sheet