Fall 2023 Exhibit
Richter Library, Room 118

Ink & Imagery

Selections from Artists in your Library

This exhibition brings together a selection of reproduction artwork from the employees of University of Miami Libraries. The artwork have been created using different mediums including painting, photography, and digital art made by a group representing different backgrounds, experience, and training. You may have met with some of them as you moved about different parts of the library, or interacted online with some of the library work they do behind the scenes. Ink & Imagery presents them to you not just as a part of the library’s team of workers, but as Artists.  


  • Nick Aponte
  • José Miguel Cabrera
  • Veronica Cabrera
  • John Hay
  • Clara Huisman
  • Nat Phensiriphand
  • Gisele Rocha
  • Jose Rodriguez Class
  • Vanessa Rodriguez

About Creative Studio exhibits

The Creative Studio gallery at Richter displays the work of University of Miami students who have used the services provided in the lab to create a visual story. The images selected are displayed here as well as in the lab’s physical space and are changed every semester. We try to showcase a variety of different ideas from students across departments.

If you’ve created a media project using any of the studio’s resources, please share it with us! We’d love to put it in the gallery and show off your work. Pitch your exhibit to us by filling out this online form or email inquiries to creativestudio@miami.edu