The Creative Studio is the Create area of the Learning Commons which supports learning at the University of Miami through the co-location, coordination and enhancement of existing academic services. The University of Miami Libraries’ Learning Commons is the result of collaboration with campus partners including the Camner Center for Academic Resources, Academic Technologies, Writing Center, and Math Lab. Creative Studio has services in Richter Library, Music Library, the Rosenstiel School Library, and the Architecture Resource Center.


Creative Consultants

  • Aakash Chigurupati¬†
    Political Science Major
  • Jahmae Leda
    Business Administration Major
  • Tamia McLean
    Media Management Major
  • Sanjana Ramjattansingh
    Health Sciences Major
  • Norel Reyes
    Nursing Major
  • Jacqueline Rouse
    Journalism Major

Adobe Library Research Scholars

The Adobe Library Research Scholars Program, inaugurated in 2018, builds on the success of the existing Library Research Scholars Program. Thanks to a generous endowment provided by Adobe Systems Inc., two undergraduate students will be selected each year to serve as Adobe Scholars. The award-winning students will participate actively in the existing program, receive specialized training from experts associated with the Creative Studio, create an audiovisual and/or multimedia intellectual project, and serve as creative consultants to help other UM students maximize the potential of Adobe Creative Cloud and other related tools and software.

2022-2023 Adobe Scholars

Hula Bayo
Project: A multi-media project on African dance instruction, focusing on learning and teaching styles.

Kirsten Santiago
Project: A multi-media project focused on scientific illustration of marine life.


2021-2022 Adobe Scholars

Esther Alexandre
Project: Pipeline of Women in STEM

Alison McWalters
Project: The Evil Woman in Antiquity


2020-2021 Adobe Scholars

Ava De Leon
Project: A digital presentation including live footage and digital graphics to showcase sustainability initiatives on the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus.

Taylor Washington
Project: Research on the factors in the creation of racially discriminatory policies in the United States, and an exploration of the lasting effects of these policies, shared in a TED-talk with an accompanying Adobe Spark site.

2019-2020 Adobe Scholars

Noor Khaled
Project: Video and scholarly paper on the uses of the First Amendment on college campuses, augmented with oral histories, if time permits.

Nhadya Lawes
Project: A Different Image, Another Sound: Resistant Rhetoric and Black Identity


2018-2019 Adobe Scholars

Armani Rodriguez
Project: Emergence of South Florida Hip Hop

Amber Tavakoly
Project: In the Eye of the Activist: Surveying Student Movements through Visual Mediums