The Creative Studio has equipment available for digitizing analog materials.

Formats Available: VHS, DVD, LP vinyl, Audio Cassette Tape, Mini DV, Photographs, 35mm positive film, 3 1/2 inch floppy disk. We can attempt to digitize other formats if you have a player for it.


Staff are available to teach you how to digitize your materials.  You can reserve our digitization workstation at the following website: online reservations. Please make an appointment with one of our staff if you need help learning how to digitize: creativestudio@miami.edu or 305-284-2548.

Pay Us to Do It For You

Patrons can also have the Creative Studio staff reformat their old media into a digital format. If you lack the time or the ability to do it yourself, we will reformat into a digital file that we can save on a harddrive or flashdrive you drop off or burned into a CD.

  • Service = $10.00/hr
  • Optional CD or DVD disk : $1.00/per disk (includes sleeve)
  • Bring the Reformatting & Media Conversion Form filled out with your project
  • Turn around time is 7 days or more depending on order size and time in semester.

Patron Storage

Creative Studio computers are automatically wiped periodically. Please save your work on your own device. Do not leave the computer unattended. Creative Studio is not responsible for files left open or improperly saved. Patrons can save their work to Box, or an external device. Learn More

Online Tools

Design – Make visually appealing posters, flyers, online banners, and more with Adobe Spark and Canva

Presentations – Create presentations through software offered by UM or by using free online websites. PowerPoint. Prezi. Google Slides.

Websites – Create your own websites and blogs. WordPress. Weebly. Wix. Adobe Spark.

Mobile Apps – a list of mobile apps that can be used for your multimedia projects and more. These recommendations are based on online research and reviews.

Online Content Resources – a list of websites where you can find images, videos, audio, and other files to use in your presentations or projects. Includes copyright information.

Helpful Links

UM Information Technology Software – Click here to learn what softwares are offered by UMIT for UM students and employees.

Learning Commons – Find help with Research, Learning, Math, Writing, Collaboration, and more. The Learning Commons supports learning at the University of Miami through the co-location, coordination and enhancement of existing academic services.