We’ve compiled a list of websites where you can find images, audio, and other resources to use in your presentations or projects while being at ease about not violating or infringing on anyone’s copyrighted work.

Each of these websites has their own rules about how you can use their materials, so please review the restrictions for use on each site (and sometimes the individual object) before using them in your work. Some materials can be modified for use, others don’t allow for that. Some are free for commercial use, others aren’t.

Using Google to find images you can use

  • Use the Settings option in Google Images
  • The last filter on the page is “Usage Rights”
  • Use the drop down menu to select one of the options for free use

Video TutorialSearch Google Images for Reuse


Websites for Image Content

Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons
Flickr Commons (primarily public domain or “no known copyright restrictions)
Flickr Creative Commons
Getty Images (for embedding only, but please read all restrictions in case they change)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (look for OASC notification below the image)
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Getty Search Gateway
WP Clipart
Open Game Art
The Noun Project
Game Icons
Deviant Art
Psionic Games
Free Game Arts
Blender Models


Websites for Audio Content

UM School of Communication Free Sound Bank
Free Sound
Free Music Archive
Jamendo Licensing