Creative Studio computers are automatically wiped periodically. Please save your work on your own device. Do not leave the computer unattended. Creative Studio is not responsible for files left open or improperly saved.

The following is a list of available storage spaces UM students and employees can use.

  • OneDrive – OneDrive is a cloud storage service offered for free by UMIT through your UM email. Please visit the website for more information on using OneDrive. Learn More:¬†
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Download Adobe CC from UMIT to access Adobe programs and their cloud storage system (20GB limit).
  • Google Drive – The University offers unlimited storage in Google Drive when you sign up with your UM student email. Click to learn more.

External Storage – Instructions for iMovie users

If you want to save your iMovie project file (to save your edits and be able to continue editing your work on another computer):

When you begin your project (before doing any editing work):

1) Go to File -> Open Library -> New

2) Rename and save your Library to your external drive