Scholarly Publications 2017-2018

Selected works by authors who use or reference the Cuban Heritage Collection’s resources in their publications.


Art Museums of Latin America: Structuring Representation
Edited by Michele Greet and Gina McDaniel Tarver
(Routledge, 2018)
La democracia republicana en Cuba, 1940-1952: Actores, reglas y estrategias electorales
Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Arechavaleta
(Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2018)
Diplomacy Meets Migration: US Relations with Cuba during the Cold War
Hideaki Kami
(Cambridge University Press, 2018)
Fugitives, Smugglers, and Thieves: Piracy and Personhood in American Literature
Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
(UNC Press Books, 2018)

Mulata Nation: Visualizing Race and Gender in Cuba
Alison Fraunhar
(University Press of Mississippi, 2018)
The Occupation of Havana: War, Trade, and Slavery in the Atlantic World
Elena A. Schneider
(UNC Press Books, 2018)
Revolutionary Masculinity and Racial Inequality: Gendering War and Politics in Cuba
Bonnie A. Lucero
(University of New Mexico Press, 2018)